How to buy your X+ Crypto Debit Card


The best crypto off-ramp.

It's more than a card. You'll get your own private bank account with XSWIPE powred by JDB Bank, the 2nd largest bank Laos which does not share customer information with other countries—not even XSWIPE. This gives you maximum flexibility and privacy with your ETH, SOL, USDC and other crypto.
More importantly, you have a beautiful card irl that represents your status.

This card works in over 200 countries, wherever VISA and UnionPay are supported. The X+ Card acts like any other debit card; use it for your bills, food, gas, and online shopping with no hidden fees. Even withdraw cash from atms.

- - -

Tutorial on how to buy your DeGods / X+ Crypto Debit Card by XSWIPE

1 - Simply visit our dedicated link to access this special offer:

Agree to the terms and conditions pop up to move forward.

- - -

3 - Click on the button "Get Started", or Select a card from this table of comparison or simply connect your Wallet on top right to DEPOSIT INTO DASHBOARD WALLET.

You can CONNECT your Phantom Wallet or Metamask. Please make sure this is the wallet where your DeGods are kept. We are aware that the user experience is not the best one but it works :)

I do recommend connecting your Phantom wallet that worked for me better.

Metamask ETH fees are too expensive! Use your Phantom wallet and USDC Sol.
Make sure to have the cost of the card in USDC SOL in your wallet.

Accept the wallet connection on your Metamask or Phantom wallet / you can connect also with your Ledger. In case it does not work, clear your cache, make sure you are connected on Etherum Mainet Network and refresh.

- - -

4 - Select the card you want by clicking the grey square and will appear a green square inside to mark your choice (Not the best UI / The Select box here is not well designed and took me a while to catch this one). Also, you will notice, that the card does not appear with the logo of DeGods but refer to point 2 of this article to understand the card that you are choosing by cost).
Premium Black= PlaStic Degods Holder Card for $250 USDT
Gold Metal = Platinum Card for DeGods Holder for $550 USDT
Black Metal = Exclusive X+ Members Cards holder for 600$ with $60 preloaded bonus!

Then click "CONFIRM PAYMENT" to move next step and approve the transaction from XSWIPE. Make sure to have the money in Crypto and to select your DeGods Wallet.

It worth to read this article on Twitter to understand the benefits of this card, why it is different of your Revolut card, and why it is a game changer and cost this price (cost to apply for an off-shore Bank Account):

- - -

For the sake of transparency, I learnt all these details by talking with the XSwipe team on their Discord:

- - -

5 - Click on CONFIRM PAYMENT button and accept the USDC transaction from your wallet

I do recommend connecting your Phantom wallet that worked for me better and make sure you have more than 600$ USDC SOL if you take the X+ Card that cost 600 USDC, so make sure to have a bit more than 600 USDC SOL!) then click CONFIRM PAYMENT. Then make sure you have the confirmation message as seen below that you successfully purchased the card,

The XSWIPE team will help you on Discord and even more active on their official telegram.

Now waiting my Credit Card to arrive home soon o activate it, but please find below the next steps pretty well explained in the XSwipe website.


Feel free to DM me on Twitter @Dray_ilan if you have any questions.
Always happy to help DeGods Fam!


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