Prospectus: X+ Ventures 2024 Fund


Prospectus: X+ Ventures 2024 Fund

X+ has unique access to strategic deals because of our KOL status and advisory services. It's common for us to be welcome in oversubscribed rounds with favorable terms.

X+ is an extensive network of highly successful members which offers dealflow unlike any other.

X+ has a strong research team which identities non-obvious asymmetric opportunities.

Fund Strategy & Focus:

- Vertical Emphasis: Decentralized AI, Web3 gaming, L1/L2.

- Investment Rounds: Pre-seed, Seed, and selective Series A.

- Geographic Focus: Europe, North America, and selected Asian countries.

- Blockchain-Agnostic Approach: Our research team is dedicated to exploring opportunities across various blockchain ecosystems.

-Term: 2 years (2024 investment period, 2025 exit period)

-Ticket size: $10k-30k

Fund Size and Capitalization:

The fund size will be determined after the funding window. Minimum capital commitment for investors: $5,000.

Management Fee and Carried Interest:

We operate on a 0/10 fee strategy: 0% fees on committed capital and 10% on generated profits (carried interest).

Investor Commitment Period:

Investors commit capital until exit from current investments, with 10-15% penalties for early withdrawals to maintain fund stability.*

*Early exit possible when fund has liquid assets--not guaranteed as fairness to others is primary.

Investment Criteria:

- Focus on Web3 Gaming, AI and L1/L2 sectors.

- ICOs, Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A and undervalued Dapps, protocols.

- Functional product or high-quality MVP.

- No legal issues, trusted teams, and appropriate investment/vesting periods.

Investment Process:

- X+ Ventures get unique deals because of our community and KOLs. X+ is usually invited to participate in rounds.

- Board reviews and determines interest.

- Reports are compiled and shared with the board feedback.

- Announcements made to LPs on recent investments.

- Board members have 25+ combined years of Web3 Experience

Portfolio Management:

Our approach entails strategic allocation, proactive monitoring, and value enhancement to maximize returns and mitigate risks.

- Strategic Allocation: Defined target weights across key verticals ensure diversification and capitalize on emerging trends.

- Proactive Monitoring: Regular communication with portfolio companies and tracking KPIs to adapt strategies effectively.

- Value Enhancement: Active engagement to unlock synergies, mitigate risks, and drive sustainable long-term value.

Exit Strategy:

Primarily focusing on early-stage token deals, ICOs and undervalued dapps/protocols, our exit strategy is aligned with the specific project outlook and vesting schedules.

Reporting and Communication:

Regular updates on investments and important announcements ensure transparency and accountability to our investors.

Wind-Down Provisions:

In the event of a wind-down, proportional distribution of remaining funds to investors and the community.

For more information

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This prospectus outlines the strategic vision, operational framework, and investment philosophy of X+ Ventures. It serves as a guide for potential investors, providing insights into our approach, criteria, and commitment to generating value in the dynamic landscape of Web3.


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